Explain How Voter Turnout Is Measured

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1. Explain how voter turnout is measured. Voter turnouts are measured by the percentage of eligible residents who genuinely casted a vote. Voter turnout takes in account the whole adult population rather than just registered citizens. 2. Compare voter turnout in the U.S. with that in other countries. United States has one of the lowest voter turnouts for a wealthy country. While countries like Australia and Belgium has the highest voter turnout. Australia has strict law when it comes to casting your vote, if an eligible citizen doesn’t vote then they will face a fine. In Belgium, if an eligible voter continues to miss casting a vote, they take away your privilege to vote. United States doesn’t have any in which voting is mandatory because that would be taking away rights. 3. Describe the factors that affect the level of voter turnout in the United States.…show more content…
Although most have been taught that voting is your civil duty some citizens could care less about elections. Individuals may feel like its only one vote and one vote wouldn’t have an impact on the final decision. Individuals may also feel like the voting decision is preselected, voting would be pointless because they already choose the winner. Most states require you to register days before election and then vote later, and this can be really inconvenient. Age, sex, and social-economics status all have major impact on the neglect to vote. Older citizen are likely to vote than younger voters. Women are more likely to vote than men. White wealthy men are more likely to vote than someone living in

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