Argumentative Essay On Texas Equality

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As I have gotten older and have started doing research concerning the government, I have noticed there is an inconsistency in equal representation. There are many factors that have to be considered in preserving equality, but is a challenge because of the vast size and diverse group of people in Texas, who I might add, are never completely satisfied. The Texas legislature is responsible for regulating power within the state and consists of two chambers, also known as a bicameral system. This system is very effective in many ways, but has a few drawbacks. The Senate, made up of 31 members, roughly represents 815,000 people per person, while the House of Representatives, which have 150 members, represent s 193,000 per person. By these numbers, Texas’s citizens are underrepresented, but allowing…show more content…
Granted, each member comes from various backgrounds and will not completely agree on everything, but when unable to compromise it becomes chaotic. For instance, take redistricting, which is the course of action that the legislature takes to redraw the election districts. Redistricting is done because Texas is constantly changing and growing. Each district must be of equal population, but also be able to help minorities win in elections. The landmark voting Rights Act of 1865, basically a set of guidelines to follow for redistricting, was put in place to promote equality for minorities. This is only done every ten years, but is very complicated when there are different parties trying to redraw the lines to their advantage, also known as gerrymandering. All of this is done to ensure equal rights to every citizen in the state, but it can never be clear on how well it works. Few women in our legislature are another problem Texas faces today when trying to increase equal representation. Gender equality, I believe, is one of the most important aspects to look at. Rights for women and their role in society have definitely improved, but still fail to represent Texas women as a

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