The Difference Between Happiness And Love In My Life

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Luckily that will be forever. Hopefully. My parents are divorced. That rocked my naive boat. Our daughter is my twin. Our son is his. We are poor but we have all we need. I know what it is like to depend on the kindness of others, even to the point where one's pride is trampled upon and eventually pushed aside. My life has been rough, but I have had it easy. I value my faults. I value opportunity. Education offers opportunity. I benefit from it. One time I gave up the one thing I still had. I thought it would make me happi. I believe there is a difference between happiness and peace. I believe that drugs are lame and that alcohol destroys. I understand addiction. I have my own. That is why I have a passion for health. That is why I am no devoting my course to educating others about it. I'm not ditzy or dumb, but sometimes I believe everything I am told. I am not invincible like I thought I was. I use to be single. I use to be pregnant. I use to be terrified. I wasn't ready. But that was then and this is now. Being a mother is the greatest thing I am doing. Violence is never the answer. Most arguments are pointless, but sometimes…show more content…
My relationship with my father is complicated, but flourishing. I am the sister to a brother who is almost taller than me and one that is. I look up to my younger sister and hope I am being a good example to her. I hope I am making Him proud too. Helping others feel loved is the purpose of my life. Serving is my passion. I am fascinated with the manipulation of words and I sing even though I am tone deaf. My daughter polity tells me to be quiet. I sometimes come across as stuck-up. I am just shy. I find beauty in a conversation with a stranger. The beauty of knowing that you probably won’t ever meet that person again, but for that split second your paths have intertwined. I have hopes. I have dreams. I try not to feel fear. Feeling fear is inevitable, so I'm prepared to feel it
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