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Teotihuacan is known to be one of the oldest and largest cities of the ancient world also know as " place where gods were born " which was named by the Aztecs, it's a very brilliantly impressive site. The city of Teotihuacan is located in central Mexico, City. The settlement began about 200 B.C. which had resident's of over 100,000 and 200,000 people living in the city at it's height ,it's said to have a larger population then Rome. The basic layout of the city was first built, then the major construction of the city was built within the next hundred year's, the primary layout of the city was over a high degree of social control, the Mesoamerican people built to scale and organization for example through it's floor ground apartment's…show more content…
Which then runs all along the north-south axis and aligns the city for fifteen degrees east of the north towards Cerro Gordo. With the Pyramid of the Moon that faces south which lies at the north end of the avenue. The Pyramid of the Sun facing west of the city. The major structure is the Ciudadela a sunken plaza towards the south of the city which is surrounded by fifteen smaller stepped pyramids. The most impressive Pyramid in the Teotihuacan pyramids is that of The Pyramid of The Sun it is the third largest pyramid in the world. The Pyramid of The Sun was built in two phases, first the main pyramid it's self was built then the second phase an altar was built on top of pyramid at a later date, this phase hasn't survived to modern day. The pyramid was built from lime plaster which was imported from surrounding areas, there were also brightly colored murals with Jaguar heads, paws, stars, snake rattles, but these murals are no longer visible today, but other's have been found within the city at other locations. It's believed these pyramids were built to venerated a deity withing the Teotihuacan society, but archaeologist don't know for sure since The Teotihuacan people left no form of writing and the Teotihuacan people evacuated the city, which is not know why, even to

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