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In solitary Confinement it is usually described as two prisons in one. For 23 hours a day prisoners are stored in a room that is about a small as a stable. These cells have all the essentials such as sinks, toilets, and a bed but nothing else. Food is given to inmates in a slot in the door. Inmates are given an hour of exercise a day in a cage in the prison. Today some inmates might even spend a couple years in solitary confinement. The reason is to keep the prison safe from the inmates that have to go to solitary confinement. Although solitary confinement is to keep the prison safe, sources say that keeping inmates in confinement for a long period of time make them go mentally insane. Solitary confinement first started in the 1800s in…show more content…
In confinement people began to torment their selves, while in confinement feeling as if they lost all hope (Fuchs). Tormenting is an apart of being in solitary confinement for inmates because they feel like they will not ever get out. Which make inmates dangerous than they were before they stayed in solitary confinement. In the article “What 28-Years of Solitary Confinement Does to the Mind” by (Alexandra Sifferlin) there was a man who spent most of his life in solitary confinement his name was Kenny “Zulu” Whitmore. Whitmore physical state was much deteriorated According to Medhill Justice his eyesight had deteriorated and had hypertension (Sifferlin). Confinement usually make inmates have plenty of health issues if they have not already tried to torment their selves. In Prison there are plenty of different alternatives instead of solitary confinement such as putting an inmate in the same environment as other inmates’ mental illnesses in the same area. Even though it sounds like the same thing as solitary confinement it will keep the prison community safer. By putting inmates went the same mental environment as each other helps prison keep an eye on all the inmates together instead individually. This alternative is an effective way of keeping the prison community safer than it probably was before that mental ill inmate was in the

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