Murder In The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe

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Murder. This word could cause every murderer to tremble with fear…that is, unless you’re abnormal. No murderer could tell their experience as calmly as the caretaker in Poe’s story. In his short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, Edgar Allen Poe uses point of view to illustrate the caretaker’s personal thoughts and feelings, and literary devices to help the readers have a deeper understanding of the caretaker and his actions throughout the story. First, the author uses the point of view from the caretaker’s perspective to allow for his audience to better understand the caretaker’s true inner thoughts and feelings; causing a suspenseful tone. By using the perspective of the caretaker, it lets the readers know that the caretaker is a delusional person underneath his innocence and normality that he had shown to the old man. The story starts off with “But why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses…how calmly I can tell you the whole story” (Poe, 1) to let the readers know that this is from the perspective of a murderer; not the victim, making the story startling and climactic. From the perspective of the caretaker, he considers himself to be normal and this story is his evidence. The caretaker continues on with the story and at the end he claims that he heard the beating of the old man’s heart though the old man…show more content…
This sound that he claims to hear coerced him so much that he described what he did as “I foamed-I raved- I swore! I swung the chair upon which I had been sitting and grated it upon the boards” (Poe, 3). This
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