Articles Of Confederation Strengths And Weaknesses

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Shortly after the American Revolution Americans began to see that our way of government had a problem. The Articles of Confederation had some weaknesses and basically made the states more powerful than the national government. Even with knowing this it wasn’t until Shay’s rebellion that Americans started to think that we needed to remake the Articles of Confederation. So after these events we had the federal convention in Philadelphia. This took place on May 1787 and it only had five delegates who attended with Washington being one of them. It was at this point that Washington started to try and make an effective and working government which I believe he succeeded at. While in Philadelphia Washington was elected president of the convention. At this convention it was decided that America needed a new document that would give the national government power and authority to be stronger. To make this happen the Constitution was drafted. The Constitution gave the…show more content…
So they decided to put a high tax on whisky to try and make money for the government to pay off some debt. Of course farmers did not like this idea so they tried to rebel against the government and the tax. This rebellion was called the whiskey rebellion and went on to show yet another reason why Washington succeeded at making a good working government. When the rioting broke out into armed riots Washington called an army of 15,000 (according to Dr. Haynes) which caused all of the farmers to stop their rebellion. Although two rioters were tried and condemned. This is when Washington showed the true power of the effective government that he had created by doing a last second pardon of these to rioters. By doing this Washington gave a warning to America that they need to solve things legally not with guns and weapons because this was the one and only second chance that anyone was going to

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