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Do you have a dream to change the world? Do you wish you could make the world a better place? If you become a Teen Activist the you can change the world. All you have to do is try. Teen Activism is when a teen fights for a cause they believe in. They do this so they can make a change for them, and others. Some important qualities of Teen Activists are that they fight for a cause that they believe in. They also treat everyone equally, and they are kind to everyone. Teen Activists possess many qualities, but those are just some of them. Teen Activists are leaders who possess specific leadership qualities. They are professional, passionate about their cause, and they effectively use their resources. Teen activists make many changes to the world,…show more content…
The second way they show this is by being passionate about their cause. One example of Teen Activists being passionate about their cause, is when Malala was talking about her cause in public speaking. According to The Daily Show, when Malala was interviewed by Jon Stewart, Malala does public speaking. When Malala does her public speaking it shows that she is passionate about her cause, because she is going around risking her life. You can tell that she truly cares about her cause because she is going to risk her life to tell others about it. Another Teen Activist who is passionate about their cause is Alex Libby. For example, Hannah Rand says that Alex Libby was in a documentary to make a change. She also said that, “In the documentary, Alex, then a sixth grader, told how he was regularly strangled and punched.” It would be very hard if you were hurt that bad regularly. It was not fair to Alex how he was treated, but he made the documentary so the stuff that was happening to him would stop.That is how you can tell that he truly cares. It is really good that Alex Libby made the documentary, because it showed people about bullying, and made people do something about it. The documentary made a change in the bullying community. That is amazing. Teen Activists are passionate about their

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