Techniques Used In The Film 'Edward Scissor Hands'

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Dark, gloomy, empty, Grey, sitting upon a hill in the middle of town. Old and ruined sitting alone. The windows are knackered and the walls are chipping. The feel and look of Edward’s mansion is very common in a Tim Burton film. Creepy music, sounds, dark colors, and low lighting these techniques make up Burton’s sinister style. Burton uses music and sounds to give it a twisted mood, which adds to his sinister style. For instance in Vincent there is slow paced music that picks up very fast then drops it even faster. It intensifies the situation to make it seem more thrilling in certain spots than others. At times the music or sounds are off tune giving it the sinister style Burton uses often. Just like the time in Edward Scissor Hands when Edward first gets into the town it is twisted and changes tunes from happy and exiting (when driving by all the homes and people) to dark and menacing (when they drive by the crazy voodoo ladies house) This also supports Burton’s sinister style! The music helps lift the listener a little more than just the weird and freaky it makes you instinctively feel some way about a scene. That is how the music ties into Burton’s style.…show more content…
Such as when Beetle Juice arrives every time the rom goes dark and dreary as if he brings an evil presence with him. The same with Edward, his mansion is grey and dark but the pants and garden are bright and lovely showing how Edwards background is evil and terrifying but his imagination is still there as a child. It fleshes out how people can be deserving like in the corpse bride everything is darker and grey but the bride is bright! Tricking the audience at times to make us think certain things about characters. That is how dark colors help build up Burton’s sinister

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