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On October 13, 1982, at approximately 1:15am, we arrived at the Volupides’ home and found Arthur dead laying by the stairs. Arthur had his left foot on the 2nd step and his right foot on the 3rd step. Arthur had a glass in his left hand and he was dressed neatly. His head was laying on the carpet and his feet were on the stairs. There was a pan cooking on the stove, and nothing was disturbed on the wall or the carpet. (objective) I believe that Mrs. Queenie Volupides was guilty of killing her husband, Arthur Volupides. (subjective) Mrs. Queenie Volupides ran to her friends for help first. Usually you would call the cops first instead of going to your friends or neighbors for help. If you find a person dead, you would call the cops first.…show more content…
Usually when you fall you would have to grab onto something instead of keeping hold of the glass. He would have had to let go of the glass to save himself. Since the glass is not shattered and nothing on the wall has been touched, he must not have tried to save himself. (evidence and reasoning #2) In the picture there is also a pan cooking on the stove. Mrs. Queenie Volupides could have hit Arthur Volupides in the head with the pan. She was cooking on the pan to get rid of the hair follicles and dna from where she hit him on the head with the pan. There was a cut on Arthur Volupides head so Mrs. Queenie Volupides could have hit him in the head with the pan and was burning off all the hair follicles with the stove to seem like she was cooking for the party. (evidence and reasoning #3) That evening Queenie’s neighbors reported that Queenie tore out of the house after a fight with her husband, Arthur Volpides, and sped away in her mustang convertible. Queenie stated that she went to their country club for a party. She left the club shortly before one in the morning and invited a few friends to follow her to her house. Queenie left the club shortly before the other guest, so she would be able to greet her friends at her

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