Confrontation And Encounter Analysis

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In our day to day life every second we come across variety of situations, some of which are new and have never happened before, others that have occurred once or twice, and there are still some which are repetitive in nature ( i.e. we have been habitually doing them). In most of these situations our response mostly a passive one (the one where we let this take its course without giving our thought whether the current method is correct or not and we thus blindly follow others). It is only occasionally that we stand against the norms and when we do so, we are too aggressive and overbearing to make any significant impact. And among this herd shines the true leader who take a middle path- a path of no confrontation or compromise but that of an…show more content…
It involves indirect and more fruitful way of reaching the same desired goal through reconciliation. Thus we find that difference between confrontation and encounter is same as that between “pressure” and “leverage”. The former tries to use some form of threat, coercion or intimidation from outside to compel an obstinate colleague or hysterical rival to your bidding. Leverage however, suggests that with dexterity and composure one can apply the gentle but persistent and effective action of a lever from within the system to bring about a new and more elevated level of understanding which is beyond intrigue and contestation. An alternative to Confrontation and Encounter is the Great compromise, which in many instances has been preached as useful approach to achieving harmony. However, when compromise ends in indecisiveness or ambiguity with both parties not accepting the decision with their heart, it is futile and only calms the impending storm in short…show more content…
It is the story of King Solomon and the Two Women. In the story King Solomon refused to compromise with two women who both claimed to be the baby’s mother. By utilizing anti- structural elements to create an encounter in demanding that the infant be cut in half, Solomon devised a way through which the real mother was identified because she would rather give the baby up than see it harmed. But developing the skill to take the middle path take a lot of endurance and effort. It does not come simply by saying so but instead requires a lot of practice. Zen through its power of meditation helps in creating leaders who can rightfully take the middle path to resolve issues peacefully and effectively. Through constant meditation one can develop the power to deal with situations which challenges ones position or status at work (like cases of promotion denied or delayed or an unwanted assignment or confrontation with colleagues and

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