12 Angry Men

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A group is a collection of two ore more individuals who meet face to face or virtually interactive, interdependent way, with the awareness that each belongs to the group and for the purpose of achieving mutually agreed on goals (Gladding, 2012). Groups are an important part of everyday life. Almost all functional groups go through developmental stages (Gladding, 2012). It is clear that people tend to want to know something about the other members; have to develop a degree of interdependence in order that the group or team may achieve its tasks and be satisfying to its members; and has to learn at some level to deal with conflict if it is to survive. The most influential model of the developmental process certainly in terms of its impact upon…show more content…
As the movie progressed, we learned that the gender and ethnicity of this group played a very dominant role on how their opinions were shaped. The changes that take place in the positions of different group members illustrate the effectiveness of a multitude of communications and negotiations principles as well as group processes, leadership, team building, coalitions, critical thinking, etc (Evirgen, 2009). According to this model, the first stage, forming, is characterized by a great deal of uncertainty about the group's purpose, structure, and leadership. In the movie, this stage exhibits uncertainty about how to be seated around the table, how to vote, the role of the jury chairman, etc, (Evirgen, 2009). The rationale of this particular group was to form a unanimous decision on whether the defendant in a murder case was guilty or not guilty. One of the unstated goals amongst the jurors was to come up with a verdict as fast as possible because they were hot and ready to go home. In the initial set up of this group, the men were calm, easy going, and slightly unsure of their roles within the

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