Boston Massacre Thesis

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Before the American Revolution, what we know today as the United States of America was made up of thirteen colonies controlled politically and economically by Great Britain. In essence, the thirteen colonies were colonized by Great Britain. Following a period of economic oppressions by the use of unpopular taxes such as the sugar act and the stamp act, the colonists were getting tired, and this led to rampant rebellion and revolts which preceded the revolution. The main reason behind the American Revolution was issues on the oppressive taxes that had great repercussions on the colonists businesses and lives. In fact, the colonists were not no longer comfortable with England’s parliament power to tax their businesses and lives, and the fact…show more content…
Adams is a lawyer as well as a farmer and more importantly, a man of great moral accords. Adams has a unique characteristic of the ability to have instincts for what is right at moments during the revolts and riots. In one of the scenes, a group of Boston colonists surrounds a group of British soldiers claiming they had executed some of the peers. This would go down to be commonly known as the Boston Massacre. At this point in the mini-series, Adams is brought out as a man with high essence of morality and one that is willing to stand his ground for the greater good. Preceding this particular event as portrayed in the mini-series, on February the year 1770, a host of Boston American colonists had in a particular instance invaded the house of Ebenezer Richardson. Richardson was a low-level customs agent at the Boston harbor. In his efforts to disperse the colonists’ crowd, Richardson fired his firearm mistakenly killing one of the colonists’ younger men. This would go down in history as one of the very first deaths preceding many in the American Revolution (155). As a matter of fact, barely two months down the line, on 5th March 1770, American colonists endeavored in taunting the British soldiers and their encounters led to five colonists’ dead and six injured. This was…show more content…
Adams is an intermediate, he neither has interests in politics whatsoever nor is he indented towards the efforts of the colonists to regain power. Such characters as that of Adams were neutrally oriented during the American Revolution. Having an amicable solution to the conflicts was more important than gaining political power and control. However, John Adams would become one of the significant leaders in the revolution and later the second president of the United States of America between the years 1797 and 1801. In fact, after the amicable solution to the confrontation between the British soldiers and the American colonists, Adams onwards gained great respect from his fellow Bostonians in the town. Eventually, Adams is part of the first and the second Continental Congress Meetings that led to the birth of the Declaration of

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