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Taken Taken(2008) is a film that is categorized in many genres such as action, drama, and thriller ,but I believe it is more of an adventure film. What are adventure films? “Adventure films are usually exciting stories, with new experiences or exotic locales, very similar to or often paired with the action film genre”(Dirks).Taken is an adventure film because Bryan Mills with explores many dangerous places that put his life in danger just to find his daughter, there are numerous villains in the film that were Albanians and were part of a group that was connected to drugging women and then selling them on the black market, and the film incorporates action to bring excitement and thrill like Bryan Mills having car chases and fighting/killing the villains. The first reason that Taken is an adventure film is because Bryan Mills who has specialized CIA skills explores dangerous places that put his life in danger in order to find his daughter Kim. He travelled from the US all the way to France just to find his daughter. He searched for clues and confronted men that were associated with female prostitution. He only had ninety six hours to find Kim so he did the impossible and risked his life by going into buildings where there were Albanian gangs who were armed…show more content…
The film has many situations where thrills are portrayed. One situation was when they kidnapped Kim and Bryan did the impossible to find her. He had to chase guys in his car at a very fast speed and also endangered the lives of other innocent drivers because he would drive very carelessly. He would run away from or chase the villains so that he could get information regarding his daughter and then he would kill the guys. He would fight and kill all the guys that got in his way from him finding Kim or whoever tried to kill

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