Social Norm Analysis

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Societies expect certain, proper, and well-advised behaviors within a culture. These expectations of behavior we have are called "norms". These norms are set in place to help the society properly function. For example, a norm in society today may consist of chewing with your mouth closed, going in public fully clothed, or even wearing a seat belt. Out of these norms, the situation of going in public fully clothed is more closely related to a more; norms that are strictly enforced because they are thought essential to core values or the well-being of the group (Henslin). If a more or norm were to be broken, the population experiencing the norm violation would give sanction to the violator. They may give the fully nude man in the mall disgusting…show more content…
We were there and in the surrounding area for a total of 7 hours. I would go into the food court every other hour or so. I had my two friends, watching my every move. I would go to a table with one or two people sitting at it. I pulled up a seat next to them and asked for bites of their food, or if they looked like they were almost done, if they planned on finishing their food. The first couple seemed so disgusted and almost insulted that I would even ask that. The woman said to me "get the hell away from me nasty bitch". I obliged, and went to the other side of the food court and sat in with a family. At first I just sat in silence until all of their attention was drawn on me. And I posed the same question. This family handled it in a nicer manner, without insulting me or my behavior. The father just replied with "no, but if you really need, we will buy you something to eat." This was so surprising and relieving at the same time. I did not want to be embarrassed like the woman had done before, and I received exact opposite treatment. The two friends I had with me watched both of these endeavors. In the first case, the woman had raised her voice, and my friends noticed a small radius of people looking over trying to figure out what just happened. I left the food court after, planning to return an hour or so later. I would ask two parties once an hour. All the parties after the first hour were all pretty aggressive and a little hostile. A woman even threatened "to beat my mother fucking ass if I don't back up". Once that happened, my friends noticed a much larger radius being concerned and interested in what I was doing. Only one of the groups I had asked responded in a positive, non-threatening

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