Dionysus The Bacchae

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The Bacchae is about the God Dionysus who pretended to be a mortal and punish Agave and Pentheus. Dionysus is captured and imprisoned by Pentheus because he believes that he is the leader of a new Dionysian cult. Dionysus then convinces Pentheus that he should go to the bacchae and that he must wear women’s clothing so he is not killed. When he visits he is killed by his own mother because she mistakes him as a lion. She carries around a spear with the “lion’s” head on it and find great pride in her hunt. Once she returns her father then convinces her that it is her son who she has mistaken as a lion. When she comes to actuality she feels great sorrow. Dionysus appears and shuns her from Thebes. The scene at the end when Agave came back
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