Symbolism In The Play Fences

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The fence in the play “Fences” is a very important, symbolic, concept. What it means shifts from person to person, depending on where they are in their lives, what they value, what has happened to them, and what they hope will happen in the future. What the fence meant to each character changed throughout the story. For Troy it is keeping Death out and protecting his loved ones. For Rose it is keeping her loved ones in. For Cory, it is holding him back from the best him he could be. The fence for Troy is keeping Death away from him loved ones. It makes Death come through the from door where Troy will be waiting for him, instead of sneaking up from behind and taking another loved one. I know this because, when Alberta died, Troy made it his…show more content…
He constantly fought his father, Troy Maxson, about playing football. Cory wanted to play and Troy didn’t want him to do any sports because of what sports did to him. “This way I’ll be going to college. I’ll get a chance…”(Wilson 36). As you can see from the quote, Cory really thought that this was his big break, his real chance to do something with him life, but Troy didn’t allow him to do it. Troy didn’t allow him to do it because of his past with sports. He was a very good baseball player but couldn’t get into the major league because of the color of his skin. Although, Rose points out that Troy was over forty and the color of his skin might not have been the only reason that he couldn’t get in. Nevertheless, Troy had it stuck in his head that sports were a cruel and racist thing (not too far off for that time period) and didn’t let Cory play, even though he did have a once-in-life opportunity. As demonstrated by the “fight scene” where Cory and Troy struggle against each other and Cory was constantly cornered by Troy with his back to the fence this is a metaphor for him having to listen to Troy and having no choice for himself while he was in the fence. Once Cory moved out and escaped the fence, he started to succeed and by going into the military and working himself up. While it might have been Troy that was truly holding Cory back, it was the fence that allowed Troy to do it so easily because when Cory…show more content…
To Troy, it is keeping Death out and helping him protect his family. To Rose, the fence is keeping her family close to her because she loves them and family is the most important to her. To Cory, the fence is holding him back because when he is in it Troy has control over him and Cory doesn't get to make any of his own

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