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Aikat (2007) stated that “Interest in reading leads to a dynamic transaction between the reader and the text” (p.700), an idea taken from Louise M. Rosenblatt’s 1978 book, The Reader, The Text, The Poem. According to the aforementioned book, there are two kinds of reading – reading for leisure, called Aesthetic Reading, and Efferent Reading in order to gain information. Efferent readers read for the purpose of the facts they will learn while aesthetic readers read for the reading experience, making it easier for them to “connect emotionally” to the text. In fact, Aikat stated that past research has shown a positive relationship between people’s reading interests and their active involvement in other endeavors. Reading plays a very important role in enhancing the minds of young individuals, developing their “capacity for focused attention” as well as “imaginative growth”.…show more content…
Reading is perhaps the most valuable skill a child will gain in school. His ability to read will affect his self-respect, his future career success, and the respect he will command from peers and society in future years. Every child should be a competent and avid reader by the time he leaves high school. f. It is important, in every year level, to provide students with appropriate and interesting reading material, written for children at the level of ability. Otherwise, they will be at risk of becoming frustrated, discouraged and turned off reading for the foreseeable future and that it is terrible thing to any young person. Nebrida (2007) emphasized that materials for reading instruction maybe classified as of two types, namely: Literary and Information. Authorities in reading believe that informal materials should be used when the purpose of the teacher is to develop particular skills and abilities which are required in work – type reading. They believe that skills and abilities required for reading historical or geographical textbooks are not the same as those required for reading literary

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