Argument Essay On Sexism

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When we talk about sexism, most of the people will think that it has disappeared when 21st century began where new thinking came to people’s mind and changed the way they think.but I personally disagree with this point, nowadays, sexism still exists in our world, not only in some underdeveloped counties in Africa, but also in some well-known nations such as Britain, U.S.A and many other European countries. To me it is very strange that these countries were influenced by egalitarianism way earlier than the countries in Asia or South America. Such history, however, did not completely wipe sexism out from their minds , that’s why we still sometimes see news about sexism in our tv. In addition, some females become feminist in order to fight back because of sexism, in fact, females often act as a victim of sexism as they are not as strong as males and may be even considered as weak or incapable in some situations while females are actually able to finish the work just like males or even better. So I think that people especially males should stop discriminating females just because they don’t seem strong, and females shall also stop doing it even the public still thinks it is rare.…show more content…
For instance, if all doctors do not go to work, many lives will be in danger because they don’t get the best treatment from doctors who are supposed to help them. With that said, we also can’t keep society running if both males and females are not cooperating in their daily lives, like if a couple does not raise their child with love and kindness, the child may becomes a bad guy when he grows up because neither his mother nor father taught him how to be kind and communicate to peers. As a result, sexism is a potential risk to our world because it breaks our connection to opposite sex while we are unable to get some problems done without help from a female or a
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