Yves Saint Laurent Childhood Experiences

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Yves Saint Laurent childhood experiences started thinking him about design. The sea and the Mediterranean are one of the major components of Yves Saint Laurent childhood and life since he grew up in Algeria in a villa by the Mediterranean. His father, Charles, adored him and in the last day of his life, his last words were "where's Yves ?" (Baute, Christian. "Yves Saint Laurent Part 1 of 11"). Yves Saint Laurent had a great childhood in a wonderful place with his family and friends. We can describe him as a child for being very sensitive as well as very happy, thing that can be seen at that time in his eyes that was expressing his happiness "i think those are the days when i was happiest of all." Yves Saint Laurent was representing a lot to…show more content…
Then his mother knew about his homosexuality when he was fourteen or fifteen years old which was a heavy burden, and since they were living at Oran (Algeria), it was a phenomenon badly thought of to the point that she couldn't say what she knew to her husband and kept it between her and her son Yves. And one day, while the whole family and some friends were sitting around a table, Yves Saint Laurent suddenly said: " My name will be in gold on the Champs Elysées." So everyone started laughing and saying that he is crazy and he said simply "You'll see." At the age of fourteen, Yves Saint Laurent was already imagining that he had a couture house on Place Vendôme and he was writing on a board the ladies invoices, the name of the dresses that he gave to his paper models, the prices... He was simply playing the "grand couturier". Following the wishes of his father, Yves Saint Laurent applied himself to his secondary studies, and earned his baccalaureate degree at the Oran secondary school in 1954. Then comes the day of the Wool Secretariat Competition, where one of his sketches had been awarded third place in the annual International Wool Secretariat contest held in Paris in 1953, and everything…show more content…
At the gala following the successful showing, Yves Saint Laurent was introduced to Pierre Bergé who felicitate him for his work, but it was actually a quick one since they just shook their hands. Then, two or three days later, Raymond Zenaker called Pierre Bergé and told him that "Yves Saint Laurent needs somewhere to stay and that he doesn't want to go to his family in Algeria", and ask him if Yves can come and stay with him and Bernard Buffet in Provence, and Pierre Bergé said: "Yes." And that's when Yves and Pierre really met each other which was an important event in their both lives. In late 1958, Pierre Bergé decided to left Provence and Bernard Buffet, and went up to Paris to join Yves Saint Laurent and be with him. In an interview in 1959, Yves was asked to sketch the main lines of the new fashion and he replied to this question by saying: "My collection has no lines. That's very important. Fashion locked itself into geometric shapes or highly constructed designs, whereas now it's more casual, more flexible more natural. That's my impression" . In 1960, the sixth collection for Christian Dior was a little less

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