Symbolism In Grendel

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Imagine living in a world all alone, simply because no one understands. Surrounded by people, yet unable to communicate. This dreary world is that of Grendel. However, most people can pin this same solitude to their lives at one point or another. John Gardner makes this even easier by ordering the chapters in the form of the zodiac chart. Hints to each zodiac sign can be uncovered in each chapter, making the reader's emotions unravel with his or her zodiac sign and make a “horrid monster” as relatable as a next-door neighbor. The Aries, being at the start of the astrological zodiac chart, is naturally an ambitious, self-driven leader. As a result of their egoism, they concern themselves of themselves, often resulting in their wallowing in self-pity, a trait that Grendel clearly portrays. In the first chapter, he falls down “gasping and sobbing”, saying that it is “mostly fake”. Grendel is alone, and he pities himself for it. In his state of aloneness, he resembles a Taurus. The symbol for a Taurus is a bull, and this is easily understandable, because they are stubborn and hard-headed, just…show more content…
Virgos are “knowledge-seeking”, something that Grendel does frequently. In chapter six, he discovered that the dragon had charmed him, marveling, “no weapon could cut me”. After discovering this, he wanders about, exploring and experimenting with his new “blessing”. In addition, Grendel also clearly displays his Libra characteristics in chapter seven, saying that “'Balance is everything”. He consistently continues a search for balance throughout his entire story, which is a natural desire of humanity. In Grendel's resemblance to humanity, he is tempted by the glory of the dark side. He sates of Hrothulf, “In short, I watched the idea of violence growing on him, and apprehension in all of them, and I enjoyed myself...” Grendel has drifted to the dark side, and he wishes to recruit new

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