Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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In many works of literature, a physical journey – the literal movement from one place to another – plays a central role, such as in “A Worn Path.” Considering the setting as an important element in Phoenix Jackson’s physical journey, this setting creates the meaning of the work as a whole: life’s journey is full of obstacles, but we can overcome them when our goal is important enough to keep going. Eudora Welty uses many literary devices like symbolism, simile, and personification in her short story. “Her unlaced shoes,” (Welty 91) symbolizes the difference between the country life and the city life. Jackson lives a long way from the city and lacing up her shoes is an obstacle for her, because the unlaced shoes are welcomed in the country “The nickel was in her apron pocket,” (Welty 94) symbolizes the Jackson has. Having $0.05, Jackson is closer to reaching her goal of getting her grandson a Christmas gift.…show more content…
“She makes these trips just as regular as clockwork,” (Welty 95). The nurse means that Phoenix always uses the same path to get to the city just as a clock moves the same way. The path is worn and rugged but Phoenix keeps going through it to get to where she needs to be. “She gave off perfume, like red roses in hot summer,” (Welty 95). The lady smelling nice shows that there is a monumental difference in social class between Phoenix and the lady. Phoenix is now in the city and the reader can tell that Phoenix does not fit in at

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