Phantom Of The Opera Analysis

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The actors are challenged with a large amount of trouble to put on this production, such as damaging their toes to dance like a ballerina or putting on layers of makeup. But the actors are not the only ones that are working, the crew must ensure everything is perfect for them to perform. The musical part of the show is a large part of the production correspondingly, they construct the whole show by being the “opera.” All these people must work together to confirm that everything goes according to plan, for the sake of if something occurs, it can change the entire mood and scenery. Music is the major part of the show, but with the size of importance of it, comes the difficulty of it all. The orchestra was counted upon the greatest, consequently…show more content…
Lloyd Webber wrote the score of his life, with Brightman, trying new things and made sure it would work, which led him to the great Broadway director, Hal Prince. Prince loved the romanticism in Phantom of the Opera, therefore when Webber asked Prince about the show, Prince jumped on the idea. Bringing these two together is one of the reasons why Phantom of the Opera was so successful, with all these renowned people coming together people knew it was something to see. Webber had written the first act when he wanted to show it to his peers, but his story still had a long way to arrive at what it is today. The Phantom of the Opera still had no Phantom, until Michael Crawford, who was known for his comedy, but Webber knew Crawford’s singing couch, accordingly becoming interested in him for the part of the phantom. Some of the smallest movements that the Phantom plays, such as when he places his hand around Christine and she falls against him, mean so much to the story. Charles Hart came into the picture to write lyrics of several songs in the show, starting off with “Think of Me,” about the…show more content…
Bjornson and her assistant were faced with a great challenge of putting together a set that would look like the regal Paris Opera House, which was no small task. The designers started with the notorious chandelier that had taken weeks to build and moved to making the over 200

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