Swot Analysis Of Pizza Hut

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The environment forces that will bring either threat or opportunities to Pizza Hut included political factor,economic factor and social-cultural factor. Firstly, in social-cultural factor, Pizza hut found that every countries have their own belief and religion.For example in India,the Indian people don’t eat beef because they think that the beef is divinity, moreover than that according to a survey shows that more than 30% of Indian are vegetarian , hence, when the pizza hut first enter into the indian market at year 1996,they actually faced the threat and tension against the farmers association, the Pro-vegetarian and the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS). But all this problem then become an opportunity for Pizza Hut to develop a different…show more content…
But, there is a difference between eastern and western countries.The drop in sales can found significantly in most of the eastern countries especially in the Chinese community countries such as China,Taiwan,HongKong and so on. According to the report from Subrat Patnaik , it states that the sales of Pizza Hut in China dropped from nearly 4Billion to 3.95 billion within just a year. This is probably because of the recession, as we all know that the Chinese community are regards rice and noodle as their staple food down the ages. So when they suffering from the recession , they will allocate their resources and money to purchase these type of products instead of the pizza or any other fast food. Hence, as the sales and income declined, may lead to the Pizza hut to reduced the amount of their employees or freezing the hiring,nevertheless, the cost for development may also reduced , as we all know that if the product development are one of the most important factor to help the company to gain more customer and improve the market share. So does the importance of the expenditures for marketing and

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