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Script Responses Trifles by Susan Glaspell (Due 9/4) What is the play's story? Review the basic plot. • The play starts with a group of people entering the Wright’s house. They are investigating the death of Mr. Wright, who was killed a few days earlier in the middle of the night. One of the men, Mr. Hale, told the group about how Mrs. Wright had acted unusually when he had gone to the Wright’s house to talk to Mr. Wright earlier where he later found Mr. Wright dead. The men of the group are looking for evidence to prove that Mrs. Wright, who insists she was asleep when her husband was strangled, killed her him in his sleep. What is the overall mood of the play? How do you know? • This play has a gloomy, somber mood because they are dealing with death.…show more content…
• Someone, possibly Mrs. Wright, killed John Wright • Mrs. Wright’s canary was killed Where and when is the play set? • The play is set in the Wright’s house in the early 1900s What is the play's structure? Traditional, circular, episodic, non-linear? How do you know? • Traditional dramatic structure because it follows Freytag’s pyramid. Who is the protagonist? The antagonist? How do you know? • The women, as a group, are the protagonists because the story revolves around what happens to them as a group. • The antagonists are the men because they are getting in the way of the women’s discoveries What is the inciting incident? How do you know? • The women finding the dead bird in the box because that’s when Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters had the power of knowledge What is the climax? How do you know? • When Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale chose to hide the dead bird and protect Mrs. Wright because that’s when everything starts to fall into place What genre is the play? What conventions tell you that? • Realistic murder mystery • The events the occurred could happen in real life and the characters are trying to discover who murdered Mr.

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