Humans Vs. Robots: A Reporter Raced A Machine

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It is scary to think that there is will be a time in the future that people could be obsolete in the work force. That ii has happened in the past, in a small way, confirms that it may and probably will come to fruition. Listening to the three NPR shows on how technology and machines are replacing humans; the realization that humans being antiquated at some point is a humbling experience. Will people rebel against the inevitable like the “Luddites”, or brush it off like the reporter in “A Reporter Raced a Machine”, or will people come to expect new robots as in “Humans vs Robots”? In the past, with the fabric workers of England, I’m sure the machines were a big threat. These men knew nothing else, fabric work was their trade and specialty.…show more content…
When a person’s livelihood is at stake, who wouldn’t fight back. In business today, owners are always trying to find ways to save money, become more efficient, and make more money; faster. Using machines, robots, and computers makes costs go down. The cost of a human labor force includes many aspects; insurance, turnover costs, and salaries. All the machines need is maintenence. This is a positive aspect for employers when looking at technology taking over. Manufacturing is not the only place the labor force today is seeing dramatic change. Healthcare now is changing in many ways today. The electronic record is eliminating the need for office help for filing, typing, and chart maintenance. Just one click and a MD can access the patient chart anywhere. Practitioners can even use webcams to see patients in their own homes. What could be negative about staying home to

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