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Conflict in Indochina Summary 1. Indochina After the French - Consequences of the Vietnamese Victory Against the French French Rule: When did the French gain control of: Vietnam: Between 1800s-1885 Cambodia: 1867-1900 Laos: 1887-1893 How did the French gain control of each country? Vietnam: The southern section became a French ‘colony’ and the central and middle were protectorates. Cambodia: French protectorate following a struggle with Thailand for control of the country. At first, the French left administration to the King of Cambodia, however this was minimised. Laos: Technically a protectorate and to do this they had to expel the…show more content…
This was based on the concept of nationalism. Nationalism often leads to a group of people wanting to gain their independence, which means freedom from the control of another country. Indochinese nationalism arose mainly because many people were dissatisfied with, and resentful of, French rule. However it spread very slowly. The individuals and groups involved in the nationalist movement remained only a small proportion of the population until about the early 1940s. It was especially weak in Cambodia and Laos. The groups in Indochinese society that were most strongly influenced by nationalist ideas were the wealthy landowners, the industrial workers and the educated elite, including government officials in…show more content…
By 1945, the Viet Minh had an army of 10 000 men and other members in various parts of the country. It was stronger in the north than the south. It is believed that the key to achieving independence was gaining the support of the peasant masses. It set out to convince the peasants that it was the only organisation which understood the problems they were facing and which had the ideas about how to solve them. It tried to do this by ‘educating’ the peasants although it was often more like propaganda. These methods worked. Its support amongst the peasantry steadily increased throughout the country. The Viet Minh encouraged the French to ally with them in an attempt to drive the Japanese out of Indochina. The French declined because they thought that the this might strengthen the Viet Minh, who therefore turned to the Americans who were based in Kunming in Southern China. The Americans and the Viet Minh worked together to help American pilots from being shot down by the Japanese over Vietnam to escape into China. The Americans also supplied the Viet Minh with 5000 weapons and gave them military

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