Political Propaganda In The Film Triumph Of The Will

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A simple definition of propaganda could be spreading ideas and information to help or harm a person but, mostly a group, and propaganda films has propaganda in it. When I was watching the movie “Triumph of the Will” I can clearly see a great example of political propaganda. What Hitler did here is spreading his ideas and beliefs to convince the public. The article Paradox of Propaganda states that “When Luis Bunuel showed his edited version of Triumph of the Will to an audience consisting of President Roosevelt, Rene Clair and Charles Chaplin they all agreed the film was too good to be used against itself”. (Summary Critique 71) The iconic representation of Triumph of the Will is the illustration Nazi Party Congress of 1934, and speech by Hitler to military groups. The…show more content…
Leni Riefenstahl states “Hitler wanted a film showing the Congress through a non-expert eye, selecting just what was most artistically satisfying, he wanted a film which would move, appeal to, and impress an audience which was not necessarily interested in politics”. (Wikipedia 1) So, most of the things in the movie is symbolic just how Hitler wanted it to be. The indexical representation of the movie is when we see Hitler we think about the dictator leader of the Nazi party, Another example of propaganda movies could be “Top Gun” movie, “a film that makes the U.S. navy seem so unbelievably cool that recruiting booths were actually set up at some theaters

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