Essay On Luther's Impact On The Protestant Reformation

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Imagine Martin Luther, sixteenth century professor of theology, posting a tweet “# Let’s Debate, Indulgencies of the Church.” It would only be seconds before the general public and today’s theologians would begin debating Luther’s posting. In the 21st century, we recognize communication as a basic skill that is mastered by an early age. Communication involves a variety of technologies used to articulate the Christian message, coordinate the work of the Church in many nations, strengthen personal faith, and minister to the needs of others. Communication resources have become the glue that holds together nations, corporations, faith communities and families. This has not always been true, the many events of the sixteenth century Reformation,…show more content…
Actions such as this, usually took hold in a city through the efforts of a small band of learned, literate priest and scholars and remained with the intellectual understanding of the group. Justo Gonzalez stated, “Much of Luther’s impact was due to circumstances that he neither created nor controlled, and of whose role in the process of reformation he himself was only dimly aware.” Ninety-Five Theses was the first document of the Protestant Reformation to be translated into German and with the help of the printing press the Theses was distributed throughout Europe. “Luther was the first to make full use of the value of printing as a medium for propaganda, and to write with the printed page in mind.” Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press of movable parts, created what can be considered one of the most inventive creations of all time. The immediate effect of the printing press stimulated the literacy of lay people and eventually came to have a deep and lasting impact on their spiritual and vocational lives. It paved the way for the rise of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. It establish a method to communicate with people rather than the small band of learned, literate priest and scholars. Without Gutenberg’s invention, Luther’s successes would have been very

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