Slaughterhouse Five Perspectives

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Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse Five presents a world in continuous motion. When I interviewed a fellow student about the novel, a different perspective on the book emerged. The student did not see the novel in the same way as I did. It was surprising to see the contrasting interpretations of the plot and themes were understood. The book describes the war of Dresden and how it effected the solders in and out of war. The student interviewed mainly felt that the introduction was a letdown. Also, the student felt narration was confusing since it jumped from the first person to third person and from time period to period. The intention of this essay is to describe the perspective of interviewee as it relates to the shortcomings of the book. Secondly, I will discuss my contrasting perspective on the novel. The student interviewee’s perspective on the book differed from mine in the sense that she perceived the opening of the novel as a letdown. Her…show more content…
The repetition of events in time is a major concept throughout the novel. An example of this would be Vonnegut’s use of the Yon Yonson song (pg. 3). The beginning and the end of the song are identical, and in a similar way Vonnegut the narrator repeats himself when talking about his novel on Dresden. Vonnegut is aware of this as well, demonstrated when he states “My name is Yon Yonson, I work at Wisconsin, I work in lumber-mill there” ( pg.7). Vonnegut uses Yon Yonson as metaphor for his feelings about Dresden and as a way to demonstrate how events repeat themselves in time. Vonnegut takes on the role of Yon Yonson because he repeats and repeats the same line. Since Yon Yonson is asked the same question repeatedly, he is forced to give the same answer over and over again. Likewise, Vonnegut believes that he will never be able to shake the response he had been giving to everyone who asked him what his current project
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