Leo Tolsy's Croesus And Fate

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It is difficult to talk about such a concept as happiness. For each person the word happiness has its own special value associated with the way his life is. What is happiness and how to achieve it? Whether it is in the feeling of lightness, joy, peace or happiness is measured by human achievements? Everybody defines happiness in his own way and it is the only universal recipe of how to be happy. Many people, in the spirit of today's pluralism, saying that happiness can be anything. Everybody find happiness in a different stages, since in a modern world various sources exist to bring happiness to our lives. It inexplicably comes as mysteriously and goes like the weather. People may define happiness of two different states. One - a state of severe…show more content…
What else they need to be happy? I would like to bring an example from Leo Tolstoy’s short story - “Croesus and Fate”. This is an ancient Greek legend that tells how a rich King Croesus asked the sage Solon if he ever saw a happy man. What Solon replied that he had never seen one, except the peasant that do a hard duty to bring a food to their family. "But I am in front of you” outraged King Croesus sad. “I’m the most happy, because I am the richest." But Solon said that it is too early to judge, since Croesus was still alive. Indeed, soon King Croesus got attacked by his enemies, they defeated and plundered his country and killed him. As Aristotle said “The life of money-making is one undertaken under compulsion, and wealth is evidently not the good we are seeking; for it is merely useful and for the sake of something else.” (Aristotle, 5). Some people associate their idea of happiness with a career primarily political: they think that real happiness is when they have the power to control other people all. But, as experience shows, politicians are seldom happy - power corrupts quickly and empties the

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