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In fact the FBI's intervention was the first of its kind, raises plenty of concerns regarding free expression.( Harrington, 1989) The true threat of f*** the police was not to encourage killingly police officers. It was the officers being laughed out of the hood and losing their authority to provide punitive leverage to the moral panic circulating through the political and popular culture of the era.(Harrington,1989) The group tried to invoke their First Amendment rights to the officers, but the officers wanted nothing to do with it. Not to mention at one point the Assistant Director of the FBI named Milt Ahlerich, wrote the group a letter. (Harrington, 1989) Alherich, who later admitted to not having heard the song wrote: "advocating violence…show more content…
Phelps. This case considered to have one of the most uniquely hateful groups, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, who are a small fringe religious group, that notably tries to live by the bible.(Facts and Case Summary) The case happened in March 2006, the issue of the case was whether Westboro's signs and comments while picketing Mathew Snyder's funeral, relates to matters of public concern.(Facts and Case Summary) Entitling the greater protection under the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. They picketed at an ebullient U.S. Marines funeral. The Marines name is Mathew Snyder, who died in Iraq fighting for a free country. During the picketing, they had signs that stated God hates America, Fag troops, thank God for dead soldiers and many more.( Facts and Case Summary) Snyder's sued the church for defamation of character and inflicting emotional stress on his family. This case went all the way to the Supreme Court in 2010, and the church received protection under the freedom of speech in an 8-1 decision.( Facts and Case Summary) A Socialist Party leader Eugene Debs spoke out about the draft and received a sentenced to 10 years in prison. The Supreme…show more content…
However, the most significant impact of freedom of speech is allowing people to express themselves freely without getting in trouble. Freedom of speech establishes a free society based on the principle that every individual has a right to decide for themselves. There are fears from the authorities that leads to censorships.(Hall, 2009)Those who fear change try to stop by using censorship, even when history has shown us, that censorship is futile when change is inevitable.( Hall, 2009) Censorship is similar to a bad disease, if not treated it will spread for the worse. If people allow the government to censor different types of entertainment just because they feel it's harmful to our culture, people will be losing rights. Censorship is the government's way of controlling some people's vision.(Hall 2009) With having freedom of speech, there has to be a balance between rights and interest. Being able to offend or insult others is equally important as part of that freedom. The First Amendment played a crucial role in the epic struggles of the civil rights movement of the 1950's and 60's. Dr. King held sit-ins, protest, marches and other things to force social change. ( Hudson, 2002) Also, freedom of speech-enabled civil right protestors on the streets of Birmingham and Selma, Alabama, and other cities throughout the South to force society to improve treatment of African Americans. ( Hudson, 2002) Western Kentucky

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