Luna Tuna

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Luna Tuna The catcher of flies, the ruler of my throne. I cherish her as if she was my ancient Egyptian goddess. Sometimes I like to believe that I saved her from the ad on Craigslist. Yet she truly saved me. We are of different species, yet she understands my foreign tongue. She always acknowledges my gestures with a swift flick of the ear or a blink of the eye. Her name is Luna. she is half Siamese. The other half I’m not too sure about, but i'm convinced it's a dog. She has a very sculpted face. She is like the petite Marilyn Monroe of cats. Her short, soft coat mainly consists of shades of tan, and pebble white meshed together to give her a highlighted tone. Her nose, ears, and tail are blend of milk chocolate with a dark chocolate brown. Lunas hind legs have dark chocolate spots on them, it almost looks like she stepped in two spots of dirty oil.…show more content…
(Boy, do I wish I could do that.) She does not appreciate when I try to wake her up from a nap. If she could speak English, I think she would tell me to “go away and let me be you peasant.” She is just so cute when she sleeps. Luna has this way of communicating with her body language and arctic blue eyes. It’s truly a beautiful connection we share. She gets this kooky look in her eye when I try to tickle her belly. She will sit there for about a minute, giving me that nutty glare. Then she will clench onto my arm with all fours and lightly bite my arm about three times. Look at me again, and lick me with her sandpaper tongue as a plea to release her

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