Du Bois Role In Race Research

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This week we talked about race issue. It was a nice opportunity for me to learn more about the U.S. On both days we discussed the articles from Du Bois and relevant readings about him and race inequality. In this reflection I will summarize my thought to several questions we discussed in class and also summarize some interesting discussions. Then, I would ask some questions about the readings. On Monday, when talking about Du Bois’ research on the Negroes, we discussed the Black upper class’ role in race inequality and also the role of the first African-American Harvard PhD Du Bois in doing race research. The first thing came up to my mind was that throughout the readings, we can see that Du Bois made a lot of efforts in advocating Black upper class to lead the blacks and to fight for their own rights. In the readings, I also could see some of the arguments were gendered and some of them concerned the assimilation toward the better culture. However, one thing I admire of him is that though his membership of being an…show more content…
While Durkheim might consider Du Bois focused on a too particular issue, Du Bois might think Durkheim did research in a too general way. To me, this might again link to the other topic we also mentioned on Monday, that is the connection between Du Bois and Marx. We talked about whether the race inequality was caused by class or it was another issue. In other words, to simplify the topic, it is: is race problem an expression of/ a consequence of social disorder and economic distress (or other societal problems), or is it a race problem? Though Du Bois also emphasized the impacts of environment, he did not consider race issue as a phenomenon that has truly societal causes. To me, it is very interesting to connect several theorists and clarify the relationship between

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