Characteristics Of Kingship

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Kinship has been around for many years and has been part of many societies since as far back as nearly the hunter gather period. Some societies today still have this monarch and kingship leading them but it is also seen that without this type of leadership societies and communities are able to run just as well without them. Countries like the United Kingdom and Sweden however still have some sort of kingship leading them. Up to the 18th century Ireland was ran by a sovereign but now is run by an elected government. These type of sacral kings were located all over Ireland some more important than others. There were different kings for each country and smaller towns inside these counties than king’s from provinces who had the most power. The…show more content…
Though this article we find out how kings were selected and what characteristics and rules they should follow. Becoming a king is not destined by how much your or your family have. Wealth does not play a role in becoming a king as it is possible to be rich in these societies and have no family connection to a kinship. These sacral kings are portrayed as a prisoner to the throne and to their people. As when you become king you have to go by certain rules and have to act in a certain way that sees fit as a king. Becoming a king may be easy but this is not the case if you want to stay as a king. The installation ceremony is only the first step of becoming king as you have to live up the expectations of your people and of what a king should be. If you do not live up to these expectations and fail in any way of how a king should act or the choices you make as a king you will lose the title as king and more than likely be killed. As a king in some cases they have to abide by certain rules. For example they have to be carried everywhere, having to stay in their homes in certain time, having to wear special clothing and sometimes being prevented from talking to some people who aren’t of a certain status. In today’s world these are still how some of the royals are treated. The main reason for being a king is to separate them from everyday people. This increases the royalty of the king and stops…show more content…
This was where the seat of the High king of Ireland was located and is one of the most sacred landscapes in Ireland with huge amounts of monuments. This landscape was used from the Neolithic period as a sacral landscape up to the 1100s ad. The hill of Tara has seen many kings and many sacral inaugurations over the years. It is one of the most sacred landscapes in Ireland. Tech Midchuarta (the Banqueting hall) is a low lying monument that you have to enter to get into the centre of the hill of Tara. This monument is on a summit of a hill so when standing at the bottom it would be difficult to see what lies at the top. This monument may have been used to manipulate and control the feelings of the sacral king as he approaches. The hill of Tara was so sacred that not many people knew what lay within it. Tech Midchuarta was dug out and the material was deposited on the banks on either side. This made the monument very low lying. This meant that when people were entering the hill of Tara they were unknown to their surroundings and what lay at the top of the hill. This was maybe used in the inauguration of a sacral king. That when the sacral king was arriving to the hill of Tara in his horse drawn chariot he was unaware to his surrounding only for the glimpses he got in the cut out of the banks on either side. The sacral king may have felt some sort of mystery or

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