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Gary Ridgway was born in Salt Lake City Utah by his two Mary and Thomas Ridgway. Gary lived a rough childhood that harmed him emotionally and mentally. While growing up in Seattle, Washington, he was frequently involved in violent arguments with his parents but especially his mother. Rather than comforting her son like a normal sane woman, Gary’s mother was mostly mocking and teasing Gary as he grew up. Ridgway would often wet his bed in his early teens, which earned him further teasing from his mother. To make matter worst, Gary didn’t understand his feelings for his mother often referring them with anger and sexual frustrations. His father, a bus driver and part time mortuary worker, often told stories of coworkers committing acts of necrophilia to his son which may have lead him to the sexual activity he committed when committing the crime. Ridgway struggled in school and was tested with a signifying low iq of 82 which resulted him in repeating a year in school.…show more content…
It was a build up of water that busted the damn and so Gary started killing. Gary would often pick up the girls along the south pacific high. he would frequently show the victim a picture of Mathew to get their trust in him. He would then make intercourse with the victim but insisted on giving them their money after the transaction was complete. During intercourse, Gary would harm the girls by strangling them to death. At first he would strangle them with his bare hands but after being hurt with many bruises from the girls that tried to fight back he used ropes, belts, and other sexual stuff to not draw suspicion. Gary killed the majority of the girls at his house or his vehicle. Most of the corpses were dropped around the green river in which gar called them clusters. He would then return to some of theses cluster to have intercourse with them, which is called

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