Julianne Miller Case

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Judge: What are the charges being brought against this young woman? (Gestures to Julianne) Prosecution Lawyer: Julianne Miller is being charged with the brutal slaughter of the young Billy Franks. Julianne: I am innocent, you can not find me guilty. I could never do anything like that to my poor Billy. Judge: Hush now Ms.Miller. We gonna let you speak later on in the trial. Prosecution, you may continue. Prosecution Lawyer: Thank you your honor. As I was saying, on the night of the murder, Ms. Miller had been out all night, and was spotted by a plantation maid right near where the Billy’s mangled body would be found. Also, on the body of Ms. Miller was a gold cross and necklace chain known to be the prized possession of the boy. When the boy’s body was found, those who found him were surprised to see that the cross was missing, only to be found later in the possession of Ms. Miller. All of this evidence shows…show more content…
(Julianne walks up) Prosecution Lawyer: Julianne, what do you see in my hand? (Shows the cross that Billy always had) Julianne: A golden cross Prosecution Lawyer: And what significance did this cross have to Billy? Julianne: He was taught from a young age to believe ‘n the word of god, his mother and I instilled such strong beliefs in him. Ever since we gave him that there cross, we ain’t never been able to get him to take it off. Prosecution Lawyer: Where was the cross when young Billy’s body was found? Julianne: Found it in the back pocket of my maid’s uniform. Prosecution Lawyer: How did it get there if it was always on Billy? Julianne: I don’t know. It just kinda... appeared randomly in my pocket. Prosecution Lawyer: It just appeared? Julianne: Yes! I would never hurt Billy. I swear to God!! Please believe me sir! Prosecution Lawyer: The prosecution

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