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Over the past two months in English I’ve been reading ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar, and looking at the ways that Sachar gives characters certain qualities. He uses connotations to hide information that has a hidden meaning to it. I have been investigating how Louis Sachar introduces the Warden as a villainous character (particularly in chapter 14). Even though the other characters barely know the Warden, they still know to be careful around her. Stanley “had never seen her before she got out of the truck”, but he still “nervously went toward her”. This may be because he is shy, but the rest of the novel doesn’t suggest that this is the reason as to why. It shows that Stanley is afraid of both the way that the Warden acts and speaks, and how Stanley…show more content…
She says to “’drive’”, “’fill’” and “’fill It’”, showing immediately that she is in charge and what she says goes, when she says it. The Warden also says “’Excuse me?’”, 5 times during chapter 14. This shows that she knows what she wants and that that it will happen. The use of repetition by Sachar reiterates the fact that she is using her control to the full and the boss. Despite her other characteristics, contradictorily, the Warden says “’please’” and “’thank you’” as well as “’these fine boys’”. I think that she is being polite, just to be patronizing. Near the end of the chapter the Warden says to Mr. Pendanski “‘And next time I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it without questioning my authority.’” This suggests that the Warden can do something that Mr. Pendanski won’t like, and that she has complete authority over everyone at the camp. It also gives the impression that despite being in charge, her authority might not be real power, as she says to not question her authority. The ways that Sachar described the Warden’s actions show how she is villainous. Instead of just looking at Mr. Pendanski, she “stared hard at him.” The word ‘stared’ showed how

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