Suicide At Museum Analysis

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Museum Trip Ashleyann Mabatid Azusa Pacific University College Museum Assignment For this assignment I went to the LACMA Museum I didn’t know there were so many different building of artwork. I felt a little overwhelmed with so many different artworks that I didn’t know what to chose as an assignment. There are multicultural art pieces from Japanese, African, Roman, and many more. While I was walking around different sections I came across this painting by Victor Brauner called Suicide at Dawn. The painting I chose is located in the Ahmanson building second floor, once you enter the room where the painting is at it is located in the right side of the room right when you walk in. What caught my eye was a painting I saw of a pale guy fully naked and another guy passing through the stomach covered in blood the blood part was only on the upper torso. The guy in the painting is in a black void with shades of gray above and below the guy. This particular painting got me intrigued. I believe Brauner was trying to represent life and death; this piece shows many emotions and has a strong message. Brauner used allegorical painting technique, according to an online source “ Allegory in art is when the subject of the artwork, or the various elements that form the composition, is used to…show more content…
“The Suicide at Dawn is an oil painting on canvas” (Gharem), his painting is considered as modern art. Victor Brauner is a French Romanian sculptor and painter of surrealistic images. The painting in LACMA was funded by donations given from a bunch of

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