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Diana Munoz World Hist. Nk 4 Unit Question The sugar trade led to a new global trade network because unlike fur and silver, sugar was a trading phenomenon. It was exported all around the world, everyone wanted sugar and it was fairly to produce in large quantities and it was a highly profitable item. NOt only sugar, as it also brought MILLIONS of slaves from africa. The sugar trade was know for the number of slaves it brought, with more than 50% working in the plantations. Silver was also another item that reformed the global trade network, the reason being was that for a long time europe could not get china to trade with them because they thought there stuff was cheap. However when the europeans discovered silver china suddenly became interested. After that Europe developed a trade system with china, and china greatly accepted as silver quickly became a huge part of their economy. This was important because the europeans were finally able to trade with china which they were not able to do before. 2. Slaves: Slaves probably played the biggest economic role by the indigenous people. The sugar trade was the primary reason for this as again…show more content…
Both the silver and sugar trade were well know for the development of their social class. In the sugar Trade on the top were the europeans, and then were mestizos. mestizos were a mix of europeans and indian. This is when racial mixing was fairly common. and at the bottom were the indians who were forced to work.In the sugar trade at the top were the peninsulares which were spanish colonist. next to them were the creoles. the diff between them was that peninsulares were born in spain. and creoles were not. below them were mulattos. They were similar to mestizos because they were europeans but mixed with african american. And of course at the bottom were the slaves. Most of the times there would not be mulattos and mestizos at the same time because you would usually have either african american slaves or indian

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