Success And Success: The Aspects Of Success

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Britney Sage Professor Fleming FDS November 19, 2015 Success According to the Merriam- Webster’s Dictionary, success is defined as, someone or something that is successful: a person or thing that succeeds. Success could also be defined as, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success determines if one is satisfied with their certain aspects of life, as an example, one’s appearance, personality, their abilities and their relationship with others. Most times people are usually judgmental with themselves and they compare themselves with others and makes decisions about themselves which are based on comparisons that they made. Most people feel bad about themselves from time to time. To become successful, you have to possess some factors…show more content…
People need to learn how to love themselves and stop criticizing and breaking down our confidence. What we need to do is take one step back and appreciate our very existence in this world. We were born to succeed in life not fail. Everyone needs to be thankful for who they are, because in the end, whether we realize it or not, our life is worth loving. Give one’s self a pat on the back; tell yourself “Good Job”. Self- encouragement is the best thing for you to do mentally. The biggest support you will ever get is you. One’s thoughts, and opinion is stronger than anyone else. Many of us are very harsh on ourselves, we have to push ourselves to work harder, because no one will do it for us. Take pride in what you have accomplished; you didn’t work hard for…show more content…
Although there is no simple answer, they are ways to practice your chances on maximizing a productive life. Most of us does not realize that other may not care as much as you think they might. The people who think cares about you aren’t really interested in accomplishments and possessions; but are surprisingly interested in you. Money is the root of all evil; greed is. Making your life evolve around money is not going to make you happy as an individual. And to another person they might think you are missing the big picture on what it really takes to become successful; rhetoric is powerful. You have a responsibility to everyone, and a responsibility for only yourself. Prepare for the unexpected, you can’t let people define you, always go beyond what is required. Success doesn’t exist without courage, and many people who cannot be successful are the people who has the highest training and ethics, but lack of courage. Emotions should not guide decision making, however, seek a greater purpose for life is short, everyone’s afraid, nothing is perfect, everyone hurts and confidence takes you places. Be true to yourself, to yourself be

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