Funeral Service Assistant

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A funeral service assistant is someone who assists people. Their job is to help lessen the workload of funeral directors and provide assistance to the families, guests, and visitors. They often times answer the phone calls, pick up the remains, and reply the emails. They help arrange details such as placing the casket in the viewing room, moving the flowers, playing the music, and adjust the lighting. They also help open the door for visitors, greet the families, and escort the guests to the visitation room. In addition, they make arrangement for transportation from funeral home to church or grave site. Other duties such as doing errands at funeral homes, wash the car, clean the room, watering the plants and so on. Funeral attendant is a job that requires highly mobilize, detail oriented and many other abilities in order to coordinate everything as smooth as possible. I want to be a funeral service assistant because I…show more content…
I change my view of this program as well as this industry. People with good will and it open up my mind that it is not just for the death but a celebration for the life. It gave me an insight of the value of death because death is not something we can avoid it. And it is our job to make people create the meaningful memory and help the families go through this important stage of life. It is an honor to participle their significant phase of life and witness this sacred process. I learn to accept myself and embraced my imperfect. I learn to overcome my fear and I will continue to learn it. I will continue with once I’ve done with the SCE program. It keeps me motivate since it will be still going to be a long time for me to get into mortuary science at Cypress College. It give me a chance to be more familiar with my major and prepare me into the mortuary science. It was an encouragement for me to keep continuing. I will have to improve my English and meet all the requirements before apply to mortuary science

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