Vulgar Language In Adam Rapp's Punkzilla

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Imagine getting insight into the gritty and ugly parts of America where criminals thrive, drugs are abundant and kids live on their own free will. This is where the book Punkzilla by Adam Rapp takes readers. Punkzilla ranks as a 6.2, which is a sixth grade reading level. Many believe this should not be true for the reason of the content of the book is littered with drug use, sexual references and vulgar language. Many people need to realize that most of todays entertainment is abundant with these references. Other reasons for it not being a sixth grade reading level besides the content is the text structure, and the for knowledge to now what they are talking about. The background knowledge needed in this book is extensive and will be needed if the reader wishes to truly understand the book. The knowledge needed in this not only has to understand where the writer is coming from but that many people in this country use that type of vulgar language. There also has to be a certain amount of maturity in the reader to look past the obscene material and see the material underneath that it is a race for punkzilla to see his dying brother. So the background knowledge is precedent in this book mostly cause the reader should have a good understanding of what the real world is. So the first requirement for anyone wishing to read this book is that…show more content…
It is more like a set of letters or entries in a journal. This should be no problem for the reader as long as they read whom the letter is to and who wrote then they should be able to figure the plot and what is going on in the story. The order of the letters differs in time so the reader gets a better sense of the background of the characters. Like on page 87 the letter is being written to Jamie and not from Jamie. So the important thing about reading punkzilla to be able to understand the story and plot is to read who the letters are

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