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In an attempt to improve the roads of Wisconsin, an alliance has come together to launch a campaign for outreach that will highlight the poorest roads in the state. What is the goal? The goal is to restore funding and modernize what many have called infrastructure that cripples the economy. The Just Fix It campaign formed among the state municipal governments to learn about the current bad road conditions. Craig Thompson, the executive director behind the campaign, said that good roads lead to a bustling economy because Wisconsin's tourism, manufacturing and agriculture industries rely on excellent roads. In addition, bad roads can lead to more repairs and tragic car accidents. For example, if a person's tire blew out because of a pothole or other issue with the road, it can quickly become the scene of an accident. In a report from the Department of Transportation, they discovered that the…show more content…
That averages out to approximately $1.5 billion per year. In the last budget cycle, the state's transportation funding became a huge concern, but state legislature still approved less than what the local government had needed. They were given $850 million, which was significantly less than what Governor Scott Walker had given originally as $1.3 billion. Bad roads pose a number of problems that will plague drivers and cost cities money. Worse roads lead to more accidents and deterioration affects almost every motorist and industry within the state. Less than 11 years ago, Wisconsin ranked as 22nd for the worst roads in the United States. What is the primary culprit? Overall, the biggest thing that has led to this is less funding to work with. State Legislature had reduced the amount of money that they dedicated to the repair of local roads and highway, which has contributed worse driving conditions across the

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