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In James Thurber's "The Catbird Seat"…Mr. Erwin Martin, James Thurber's Mr. Martin’s Journey who is a devoted worker to the P & S Company. Set in early 1945 New York. The Protagonist is Mr. Erwin Martin, and his nemesis Mrs. Ulgine Barrows who is hired above Martin. Because Mr. Martin being an employee for 22 years gets his nerves threaten and feels his position, as a filer is about to change because of a downgrade of the company. Mr. Martin realizes that the efficiency of his beloved company and his job is threatened. Mr. Martin plans to save what is most dear to him by carrying out what he feels is a justified execution of Mrs. Barrows. Martin starts his plan to kill Mrs. Barrows. As he gets angrier he starts a plan to “rub out” Mrs. Barrows to be erasing a…show more content…
Martin goes to her apartment one-day forgetting and not able to find a weapon to kill, he then creates a new plan sharing a plan to kill their boss Mr. Fitweiler that is the person who hired barrows. The next day Mrs. Barrows goes to work early to let Mr. Fitweiler know Martins plan to kill him. Mrs. Barrow is then sought out as crazy, martin plan ends in his favor by the boss kicking barrows out fired. The boss apologizes for barrows actions as martin gets a sense of relief to return to work as normal. The impression that reader get from Mr. Martin is that he is quiet, lives alone, worked for several years, doesn’t drink or smoke, head of the filing department, considered an ideal employee, routines, Mr. Martin is a great example of the perfect worker despite the serial tendency’s. The fact that he is so routine helps create everyone from thinking he would want to murder anyone. Who else but an insane man would truly think about killing another human being simply because she is obnoxious? (Strengths and weakness) Mr. Martin strengths simply holding a role model like

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