Stereotypes Of Jocks

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There are various social groups in middle school. They’re formed by many people with similar traits. Some of these people are grouped by things such as athletic abilities, hobbies, and intelligence. A few of the main groups that can be seen are the jocks, nerds, and populars. Organizing things and people into groups is just part of being human. One of the notable groups is the jocks. Jocks are regarded as mainly being extremely athletic. Because they focus so much on sports, many think they don’t spend as much time on academics. This is why jocks are stereotyped as not being very smart. While this may be true sometimes, most of the time it isn’t. Many people who play sports can still maintain good grades. In fact, there are lots of athletic people in honors classes and/or get a 4.0GPA. Those people, however, would probably be in a different group.…show more content…
The stereotype for nerds is the exact opposite of jocks; they’re thought to be not very athletic but academically superior. Most people called nerds are in advanced classes and get good grades. Nerds are also stereotyped as not being social. This isn’t true most of the time however. I don’t think I’m really part of any social group, but being a nerd is probably the closest. I’m in honors classes and not very social, but my grades can average in the B’s. There’s also another group that fits the opposite of the stereotype that nerds aren’t social. The populars are another big clique. The stereotype here is that these people are mean, selfish, and not very smart. There may be some people that still fit this stereotype, but most don’t. Most of the popular kids now here are just as nice or mean as everyone else. Some “populars” are also very smart, which defies the stereotype even more. However, intelligence doesn’t really define you as a popular or not. There are only a couple things that define you as being a popular. Populars usually just are more well-known or have more friends and dress

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