The Duff's Stereotypes

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At first glance, The Duff appears to be just another one of those “girl gets a makeover, girl gets the guy” type of movies which, while incredibly popular, send the wrong message to young audiences, “Once you’re pretty, you’ll get the guy”. I watched many movies like this when I was younger. We all did; there are many movies that convey this problematic theme. The movie The Duff forces audiences to reconsider the stereotype that you have to be attractive if you want someone to love you. The Duff is about being yourself and ignoring the labels people give you. It inspires you to believe that you don’t need to change to be accepted by others. The important people in your life will love you for who you are, and those that don’t, don’t need to be in your life. This message is a…show more content…
We’ve changed for the worse and for the better. I have seen a lot of what happened in this movie happen around me in these last 5 years. I’ve seen friends change for guys they liked and ultimately none of those relationships have worked. I’ve seen people throw around labels like it’s nothing. We’ve all experienced it. Judging and being judged seems to be an unofficial part of the high-school curriculum. Nerd, jock, slut, geek, princess, freak, loser. In high school, we all get a label. But ultimately, it up to us whether or not that label defines us. The Duff teaches us that no matter what people call us, we don’t have to let it change us. Labels don’t define us; only we can do that. The theme of being yourself and not changing for others runs throughout the movie. The movie has an important message which is beneficial for its young audience. My favourite quote from this movie, which sums up this message, is “In the end, it isn’t about popularity or even getting the guy. It’s about understanding that no matter what label is thrown your way, only you can define

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