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“St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell follows through the narration of a half wolf-half human, Claudette. Throughout her struggles, Claudette character slowly develops towards that of a human as each epigraph (epigraph comes from “The Jesuit Handbook on Lycanthropic Culture Shock”) suggest; however, by the end of the book Claudette still hasn't fully adapted. Claudette's pace of development seems to happen spontaneously as at times her wolf side slips out. Even though Claudette's academic progression is at full value at the end of the book, she has yet to succeed in human development because she has not yet fully adapted. Stage 1 epigraph states that everything is new and interesting for the students and its fun for them to explore their new environment. This relates towards…show more content…
This relates to Claudette by showing her discipline when she wears the square toe shows and learning to stand up on two feet, “Keep your shoes on your feet. Mouth shut, shoes on feet. Do not chew on your new penny loafers. Do not.”(Russell, 240). Claudette, along with her sisters, had stopped trying to urinate over their new found territory as they found it to be a waste of effort soon enough. “We couldn't make our scent stick here; it made us feel invisible. Eventually we gave up. Still, the pack seemed to be adjusting on the same timetable.”(Russell, 240). This was a step towards Claudette developing to a human. Claudette also had an intellectual perk of her own as she was able to not only vie towards number one spot against Jeanette, but was able to even read at a 5th grade level. Even though Claudette was developing much more than she did last stage, she was still leaning more towards her wolf side. She wants to run away, the whole pack was confused and in between languages, and she couldn't make herself comfortable in her new bedroom

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