St. Louis Research Paper

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St.Louis, Missouri is the second largest city in Missouri after Kansas city. Founded by two French explorers and fur traders – Auguste Chouteau and Pierre Laclede in honor of French King Louis IX on year 1764, St. Louis became a fur trade center with the help of two brothers. Further, the newly birth nation of United States purchased the area in Louisiana Purchase in which St. Louis was a part. Today, the city is vibrant with its skylines and the iconic gateway arch. Visiting the city is an enjoyable experience as it will reward you with parks, museums, cultural centers, festival centers, gardens, shopping centers and of course the gateway arch. Let’s begin the tour to the points of interest. 1. Take a breathtaking view on top of Gateway Arch – Touring St.Louis won’t be complete without visiting this steel arch. Standing at 630 meters, the arch has public access on each side of its entrances. Visitors can visit a 70,000-square-foot (6,500 m2) visitor center where it houses the museum of westward expansion. At top, inside the arc, stands the observation deck which is accessible via 12 man elevators, tram capsule and the emergency 1072 step staircase. The arc stands out when viewed above or across the Mississippi river and at night when illuminated by multicolored spotlights.…show more content…
Discover your Science curiosity at St.Louis Science Center – Made unique by its hyperboloid structure, it has the McDonnell planetarium – place where you can watch thousands of stars projected to 80 foot dome resembling the clear a light pollution free night sky. The science center also houses the Taylor community science resource center featuring ecology and wildlife, computer gallery, energizer ball machine, and Omnimax Movie
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