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Days of Taste is an organization that was founded in 1995 and in 2001, the founders of Days of Taste created the program Spoons Across America. Spoons Across America is a non- profit organization that provides “children and families on the benefits of good nutrition, healthful eating, and passing along the important traditions of supporting local farmers and sharing meals around the family table.” (SAA ,2015) SAA partners up with a diverse group of people who help out in the further education in food such as food professionals, chefs, restaurants, etc. Spoons Across America’s mission is the following: 1. Provide a network for sharing information and resources among culinary professionals, educators and parents and guardians 2. Run programs…show more content…
Spoons Across America serves a variety of people but mainly children are their goal. They want to teach children at a young age the value of healthy nutritious food that is not processed or frozen are good for the body. They want the hands on experience to speak for itself and make the kids more curious about what they are eating and how their food is growing as well as where it is coming from. “Spoons Across America develops and facilitates educational programs for children that explore the elements of taste and nutrition, and that culminate in cooking and eating together.” (SAA,2015) They believe if the children start to learn what to eat at a young age they are able to continue their education about food as they get…show more content…
The programs are The Dinner Party Project, New York Agriculture Literacy week, Spoons Food Miles Relay, Take A taste. Market basket tour guides program. In The Dinner party project the children have the opportunity to plan a party for their families to come to where the kids have made the menu, cooked (chopped, cleaned, cut, season the food) and are able to have a family style meal with everyone around. Agriculture literacy week is where the children are read books, for example The Honey Bee Man by Lela Nargi and Kristin Booker, that teaches the kids the different process of how they get their food. The kids are educated on the processes of how a seed gets to be produce and how it gets to be sold. Take a taste is one of the programs that teaches the children how to use their taste palettes in a 3 week program for one hour. These kids are taught the different taste buds and even how to make some delicious healthy snack alternatives that are sent home on index cards. The market basket guide program is where “School children, tourists, and locals will discover the wealth and variety of fresh, locally-produced ingredients during our Market Basket tours. They will have the opportunity to see, touch, smell, and taste some of the produce and products during the one-hour tour that includes a short shopping opportunity”.(SAA,2015) This program

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